Working with Indigenous Communities

We support Indigenous community-led monitoring and capacity-building.


The ABMI’s Community-Based Monitoring and Engagement Unit (CBME) is a grassroots initiative that works with Indigenous communities interested in biodiversity monitoring. We work collaboratively with communities throughout Alberta and beyond on projects driven by community interests and objectives. When requested, we provide tailored support for various stages of project development, including proposal writing, study design, capacity development, data processing, data analysis, and communication of results.

Respecting the privacy and intellectual property of the communities we work with is an integral part of the CBME’s principles.

Examples of past support include:
  • Remote camera and autonomous recording unit (ARU) training and monitoring program development
  • Remote camera and ARU online training curriculum development for Indigenous communities
  • Wetland monitoring training
  • Engagement and scoping sessions to develop Indigenous-led indicators sensitive to environmental stressors
CBME project spotlight summaries:

Questions or Requests? Please contact:

Dr. Crisia Tabacaru

Biodiversity Partnerships Lead

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