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The ABMI Wall-to-Wall Human Footprint (HF) Inventory (scale 1:15,000) is a complete representation of provincial scale anthropogenic footprint information for the province of Alberta. This comprehensive layer includes all the HF information related to the energy, forestry, and agriculture industries, as well as urban development and is updated every two years. 

The ABMI’s HF information is core to understanding relationships between human land use, habitat and species abundance. These data are used to support policy development, regional planning, and cumulative effects management decisions.

Year 2014

Metadata (Pdf 850Kb) - last updated on Dec 22, 2016
Human Footprint Maps (1.13 Gb)
(Ftp Path: /GISProduct/HumanFootprint/2014/)

Years 1999-2014 (ABMI 3X7 Human Footprint Dataset)

Metadata (549kb) - last updated on Dec.22, 2015
3x7 Human Footprint Data (1.32 Gb)
(FTP path:  /GISProduct/HF3X7)

Year 2012

Metadata (Pdf 150Kb) - last updated on July 7, 2015
Human Footprint Maps - merged version (1.69 Gb)
Human Footprint Maps - tiled version (1.69 Gb)

Year 2010

Metadata (Pdf 150Kb) - last updated on Aug 17, 2015
Human Footprint Maps - merged version (2.18 Gb)
Human Footprint Maps - by Land-use Framework regions

Year 2007

Metadata (Pdf 150Kb)
Human Footprint Map - merged version (1.9 Gb)
Human Footprint Map - tiled version (1.9 Gb)
Human Footprint Map - by Land-use Framework regions

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Ftp server:
user name: web|anonymous
password: anonymous
3x7 data path: /GISProduct/HF3X7
HF data path: /GISProduct/HumanFootprint/

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