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The goal of the ABMI Science Lettersa journal-like publication designed with your interests in mind—is to share the methodology and results of our latest scientific endeavours. Each Science Letter focuses on a specific project and describes key results that are relevant to organizations or individuals engaged in biodiversity monitoring. Although each Science Letter focuses on the Alberta context, the methodologies and analyses could apply to any jurisdiction.

The ABMI also publishes Science in Progress, which is intended to quickly share the methodology and results of work that is still evolving.

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Science in Progress

Science in Progress

The goal of the ABMI's Science in Progress series is to quickly share the methodology and results of work that is still evolving, but which may be of current interest to organizations or individuals engaged in biodiversity monitoring. Science in Progress notes are intended to showcase interesting results or ideas, but their content may be subject to change as the research develops and is presented on an 'as-is' basis.

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