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We’re Welcoming both a new Centre and Director: Welcome Dr Mir Mustafizur Rahman to the Imaging Centre


The ABMI is continually pushing the envelope when it comes to finding innovative ways for data acquisition, visualization, and analysis.

One rapidly expanding area of environmental data is airborne lidar. Lidar stands for light detection and ranging and involves flying aircraft outfitted with a laser scanner to map the land’s surface, creating extremely accurate and precise three-dimensional datasets. As of 2022, we’ve been collecting lidar data across Alberta, and our goal is to make these high-quality datasets freely available and accessible to all.

In light of this rapidly growing area of data collection and application, we are excited to announce the establishment of a new Centre within our organization: the Imaging Centre. The Centre will be led by Dr. Mir Mustafizur Rahman, who brings over 15 years of experience in leveraging cutting-edge remote sensing and geospatial technologies to address environmental challenges. 

In addition to lidar data collection and processing, the Imaging Centre will lead innovative projects using machine learning and AI for vegetation inventories on seismic lines, caribou habitat mapping, and more! Dr. Rahman is committed to advancing the application of remote sensing technologies for sustainable natural resource management and looks forward to making a meaningful impact in his role as the Imaging Centre Director.

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