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The ABMI launches new online tool for biodiversity and land cover reporting in Alberta: Introducing the ORB tool


The ABMI’s new online reporting tool provides easy access to both land use and biodiversity information for Alberta.

The ORB tool, officially launched today, provides a user-friendly platform for generating biodiversity and land cover reports for different areas in the province, including natural regions, watershed boundaries, and municipalities or counties. These reports include interactive graphs, maps, and tables, covering human footprint, wetland area, biodiversity intactness, as well as other general information.

"We're excited to introduce the ORB tool, which is in direct response to the needs of our data users," said Katherine Maxcy, Reporting and Analytics Lead. "With this tool, we aim to make land cover and biodiversity data more accessible for the wide range of partners and collaborators involved in land use planning and stewardship activities in Alberta."

Key highlights of the ORB tool include its intuitive interface, tailored reports based on user-selected areas of interest, and its ability to present data in an easy-to-digest format. Additionally, the tool will be regularly updated with new features and data to ensure its relevance and usefulness over time.

Users are encouraged to explore the ORB tool and share it with their networks. 

View the ORB tool at and watch a video tour demonstrating how to use the tool here.

Financial support for the development of the ORB tool generously provided by the Government of Alberta.

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