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Online Report Highlights Environmental Monitoring in Alberta's Oil Sands Region


Together with the Alberta Environmental Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting Agency (AEMERA) and monitoring organizations in the oil sands region, the ABMI is pleased to announce the launch of an electronic community report featuring information and results related to environmental monitoring programs in the oil sands.

"As natural resource development activities continue in the oil sands region, it's important the public have access to scientific information to understand the impact of those activities on the environment", says the ABMI's Executive Director, Kirk Andries. "We're pleased to be able to share information about some of the biodiversity monitoring work that the ABMI does in the oil sands region. The biodiversity data provided by the ABMI serves as an ecological baseline from which we can measure change over time."

Visit the microsite here!

The Oil Sands Monitoring Report microsite was created to raise awareness around the environmental monitoring work the partner organizations are doing in the oil sands region. In an effort to better integrate monitoring, evaluation and reporting activities in the oil sands region, the microsite features articles, stories, data and results contributed by all partners conducting monitoring work in the region. 

For users looking for more in-depth information, or greater detailed data, the microsite provides links to relevant reports, monitoring organization websites and data repositories.

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