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They've done it again! At the ABMI's Processing Centre (Royal Alberta Museum), Alex Lapierre has identified a new species record for the province of Alberta from the 2017 ABMI wetland samples.

Meet Neohaemonia melsheimeri, a leaf beetle in the family Chrysomelidae. It lives on aquatic plants in the genus Potamogeton. A pair of oblique, impressed bands on the pronotum are distinctive for this species. This finding extends the range of N. melsheimeri westward, having previously been recorded from southern Manitoba and South Dakota. A scientific note for this new species record has been published in the Coleopterists Bulletin.

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Alexander Lapierre, Robert Hinchliffe, Cheryl Tebby, and Tyler Cobb. 2019. New Record of Neohaemonia melsheimeri (Lacordaire, 1845) (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) from Alberta, Canada. The Coleopterists Bulletin 73(2): 440-442

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