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Hands-on Winter Tracking Mission


Join our Hands-on Winter Tracking Mission!

NatureLynx and The Nature Conservancy of Canada are challenging Albertans to get outside February 11–27 and join the 2022 Hands-on Alberta winter tracking mission. Will you accept the challenge?

Many of Alberta’s animal species stay active through the winter, and the snow preserves clues about what they’ve been up to. Whether in a city park, river valley, backyard, or outside of town, winter tracking with NatureLynx is a fun way to stay active  while contributing to an ever-growing community of citizen scientists that’s helping tell the stories of Alberta’s amazing biodiversity.

Check out this previously-recorded webinar on how to get started as a winter wildlife detective (it’s a great resource!).

Then, join the Hands-on Alberta winter tracking mission (you’ll need a free NatureLynx account). Between February 11 and February 27, get outside, document your winter tracking finds, and share them to NatureLynx any time before March 6! Be sure to check out all the sightings at the bottom of the mission home page as your fellow detectives share their discoveries.

See our blog post on notes on the new "map view" to get a better overview of sightings across Alberta.

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