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BiodiverCITY Challenge June 2020


Participate in Edmonton's first ever photo BioBlitz. June 11-14th, 2020.

The Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute is proud to present the BiodiverCITY Challenge.

Inspired by the City Nature Challenge —a global urban biodiversity "contest", where cities compete against one another to monitor biodiversity within their cities—the Alberta BiodiverCITY Challenge invites Edmontonians to take part in a city-wide BioBlitz using NatureLynx, a new citizen science app brought to you by the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute.

Between June 11-14, join our city's naturalists, species experts, and environmental groups in documenting as many species as you can! Simply upload your photos of birds, plants, mammals, moss, lichen, mushrooms and insects to NatureLynx. Your contributions will be used to help understand more about the species that call our city home.

3 Easy Steps to Participate

1. Download NatureLynx by visiting Google Play or the App Store (or visit
2. Search for the Edmonton BidoviverCity Challenge and join the group
3. Upload your sightings and tag them to the group.

There will be a variety of biodiversity-related events throughout the city. Check out our schedule to find an event near you!


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