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ABMI Releases New Human Footprint Data for Alberta


The ABMI has released a new version of ABMI’s Human Footprint Inventory for Alberta. The inventory is version three of the Wall-to-Wall Human Footprint (HF) in the province for 2012 and data is now available online.

ABMI’s Geospatial Centre Human Footprint Interpretation group, led by Dr. Branko Hricko completed the work early in June, 2015. This version of ABMI’s HF inventory incorporates updated boundaries of hydrological features that intersect human footprint polygons. Hydrological boundaries were updated to 2012 conditions to prevent overestimation of human footprint boundaries. 

The ABMI HF Inventory (scale 1:15,000) is a complete representation of provincial scale anthropogenic footprint information for the province of Alberta. This comprehensive layer includes all the HF information related to the energy, forestry, and agriculture industries, as well as urban development, and is updated every two years. 

The ABMI’s HF information is critical to understanding relationships between human land use, habitat and species abundance. These data are used to support policy development, regional planning, and cumulative effects management decisions.

For more information please contact Brancko Hricko or Jahan Kariyeva.

Access the data here:


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