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Webinar: wildRTrax Launch


DATE:October 25, 2023
TIME:12:00 (CST) - 13:00 pm

Webinar: wildRTrax Launch. Looking for even more tools and resources to help you manage and analyze data? wildRtrax can help!

wildRtrax is an R package containing functions to help manage and analyze environmental sensor data within an R workflow. It helps to simplify the entire data lifecycle by offering tools for data pre-processing and wrangling, as well as facilitates seamless data download directly from WildTrax for analysis in an R session. With wildRtrax, users can effortlessly establish end-to-end workflows and ensure reproducibility in their analyses.

In this webinar, Elly Knight, Marcus Becker and Alex MacPhail will take you on a tour of the main components of the package, including authenticating into WildTrax directly in R, downloading data reports as dataframes, and an introduction to various functions that aid in downstream analyses of both ARU and remote camera data. By providing a consistent and organized framework, the package promotes transparency and integrity in biodiversity research, making it easy to share and replicate results.

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