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Webinar: What About the Bugs? ABMI Wetland Monitoring: Where We Are At, How We Got Here, And Where We Are Going


DATE:February 22, 2024
TIME:12:00 PM (MST) - 1:00 PM

Aquatic invertebrates offer valuable insights into the health and intactness of our waters...

Aquatic invertebrates, often overlooked but essential components of aquatic ecosystems, offer valuable insights into the health and intactness of our waters.

In this presentation, we embark on a journey through the fascinating world of aquatic invertebrates and their significance in monitoring wetlands.

Beginning with a brief overview of the use of aquatic invertebrates to assess stream health, we look at the linkages and response mechanisms between human disturbance and aquatic invertebrate communities to develop an understanding of why stream biomonitoring has been so successful. We then examine the challenges in adapting this methodology to wetland biomonitoring and the limitations on what the aquatic invertebrate data can tell us about human disturbance on the surrounding landscape. Finally, we discuss strategies to overcome these limitations, ensuring the continued development and refinement of wetland health and intactness indices.

Work at the ABMI is fueled by the knowledge that these indices can play a vital role in guiding land-use decisions and habitat reclamation projects that will contribute to a sustainable future for Alberta. Join us in this exciting voyage as we explore the captivating world of aquatic invertebrates, from their historical significance in stream health assessment to their evolving role in monitoring wetland ecosystems.

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