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Webinar - Habitat alteration or climate: What drives the densities of an invading ungulate?


DATE:May 14, 2024
TIME:12:00 PM (MST) - 1:00 PM

Join lead author Melanie Dickie, Senior Caribou Ecologist, with the ABMI and Biodiversity Pathways.


In today's fast changing world, one of the most pressing issues facing ecologists is disentangling the relative effects of habitat alteration and climate change on species declines, complicated by the fact that these two factors are often correlated in space and time. This difficulty holds true in western Canada's boreal forests; both human land-use and climate are implicated in the expansion of white-tailed deer northward into caribou range, disrupting the ecological community caribou call home. Come learn about how researchers took advantage of the Alberta-Saskatchewan border, along with a and camera traps, in a clever study design to decouple these two factors on white-tailed deer densities.

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