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Planetology Webinar Series: Leveraging the Power of EO Data for Water


DATE:June 27, 2024
TIME:10:00 AM (PT) / 1:00 PM (ET) -

Join Jennifer Hird, Lead Scientist, Earth Observations Insights Unit at the ABMI for a the talk "Mapping Harmful Algae Blooms in Freshwater Lakes of Alberta, Canada" as part of the webinar entitled "Leveraging the Power of EO Data for Water."


Embark on an academic journey with this second edition of the Planetology Webinar Series!

Hear from leading water researchers addressing today's challenges in water management with the use of the unique datasets provided by Planet. 

Each distinguished speaker will have 10 minutes to present an overview of their work and describe their methodologies, offering insights into the innovative ways Planet data is utilized in water management.

  • Jennifer Hird of the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute: Mapping Harmful Algae Blooms in Freshwater Lakes of Alberta, Canada
  • Dr. Gigi Pavur of the University of Virginia: Spatial Comparison of Inland Water Observations from CYGNSS, MODIS, Landsat, and Commercial Satellite Imagery
  • Dr. Enrique Vivoni of Arizona State University: Monitoring Water Supplies and Demands in Desert Cities

Join us for an engaging session where you'll gain valuable learnings on how Planet data is revolutionizing water management research, analysis and its practices.

Be sure to stay for the designated Q&A portion at the end of the session to interact with speakers and gain new perspectives into the topics discussed.

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