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Webinar: The ABMI's Biodiversity Intactness Index - Measuring Biodiversity


DATE:September 27, 2023
TIME:12:00 (CST) - 13:00 pm

Webinar: ABMI Biodiversity Index. Learn about the evolution, applications, and methodological details of the ABMI's Biodiversity Intactness Index

Several versions of a Biodiversity Intactness Index (BII) can be found in the published literature, all with the common goal of tracking changes in species abundance compared to a reference condition. Researchers at the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute (ABMI) first published the development of a BII that could be used within Alberta in 2007. The ABMI’s BII is parameterized using field data from across the province, is fully scalable, and is easily calculable. Since 2007, the BII has undergone multiple enhancements, including the addition of new taxa, refining land-use pressures on species, and incorporating data from outside of the ABMI’s monitoring program. This webinar will speak to the evolution and applications, as well as the details of the underlying methodology, of the ABMI’s Biodiversity Intactness Index.

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