Land Access

Surveying Alberta's biodiversity on your land.

Data collected by the ABMI is publically available on our website and in our reports. The ABMI’s goal is to monitor and report on changes in Alberta’s biodiversity with unbiased, scientifically credible data. The ABMI does not release exact site locations with its data, nor does it make land management decisions or recommendations for sites.

Scientists and researchers, teachers, land managers, provincial planners, or any other interested person may download data and use it to (for example): 

  • Learn about the distribution of a species across Alberta
  • Discover how human land use has changed over time
  • Measure changes in biodiversity to ensure land management goals are being met

Through a series of applied projects, data is also used at the ABMI to investigate important subjects such as the effect of climate change on biodiversity and how we might better value ecosystem services (the benefits we get from nature that support our wellbeing), such as water purification and pollination.

Land Access

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