Land Access

Surveying Alberta's biodiversity on your land.

The Landowner data package includes relevant and customized information for landowners. Sent at the end of field monitoring season, the landowner package features site-specific data,  information on ABMI protocols and monitoring methods, species profiles and camera trap photos found, if relevant.

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1. Landowner Data Package Booklet

This 8-page booklet features explanations of ABMI's monitoring site map, biodiversity monitoring cycle, behind the scenes data collection, research project highlights and how ABMI reaches out and shares biodiversity information with the public.

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2. Your Data

This customized report is a list of species found entirely or partially on a landowner's property during ABMI monitoring. In this example, 142 species were found. The report also includes a description of the soil quality.

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3. Species Profiles

Landowner packages will include a customized selection of species profiles that provide more in-depth information on species found on a property. 

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4. Camera Trap Photos

ABMI may use camera traps to monitor mammals on a property. If this is the case, landowners will be sent photos of species identified on their property.

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