Land Access

Surveying Alberta's biodiversity on your land.

The ABMI keeps exact site locations strictly confidential.

  • Maintaining site location and landholder confidentiality is essential to the ABMI’s monitoring work
  • Establishing trustworthy and open relationships with landholders is essential to ensuring the ABMI will be able to return to sites to measure changes over time
  • Instead of releasing exact site locations, ABMI data is ‘hazed’ using a buffer measuring 11 km in diameter (approximately the size of one township)
  • The centre of these buffers is referred to as our public site locations. This allows data users to link biodiversity information with a general area (to ensure the data is useful), without giving away the exact location of our monitoring sites 

Maintaining Trust

  • The ABMI does not release exact site locations or landholder personal information
  • The ABMI is not a management agency, nor does it make management decisions
  • Species, habitat, and human land use data available on our website is associated with our public site locations

Land Access

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