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Welcome to the ABMI’s Data & Analytics Portal—the source for ABMI raw data, derived data products, and mapping information we have collected for Alberta. Access our most recent datasets for species, habitat, and mapping products; view individual species profiles; camera trap data, and interact with our online mapping portal, and more. It’s all here!

Data Download

Data Download

Access and download ABMI’S data products, such as: species and habitat raw data; GIS data (e.g. human footprint, biodiversity intactness); remote camera mammal data, estimates of species relative abundance by habitat type, and more.

Biodiversity Browser

Biodiversity Browser

Take an in-depth look at current ABMI single species and multi-species analysis results. A key highlight are individual species profiles which summarize species habitat associations, impacts of human footprint, and predicted relative abundance in Alberta. Remote Camera Mammal Data are also included in the profiles.

Mapping Portal

Mapping Portal

View ABMI geospatial data through our custom mapping portal. Explore, visualize, and create maps and data summaries for areas of interest in the province of Alberta.

Online Reporting

Online Reporting

Access our online reports for summaries of ABMI data, such as human footprint, and state of environment reporting for selected regions of Alberta.

  • New Report: Status of Land Cover & Biodiversity in the Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Inc. Forest Management Agreement AreaJune 23, 2020

    This report describes the status of human footprint, species, and habitat in the Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Inc. Forest Management Agreement area located in northeastern Alberta. This the third status report completed by the ABMI for this management area. The report can be viewed here.

  • Amphibians & Species Occurrence MapsFebruary 11, 2020

    Amphibians species occurrence maps now available for species that vocalize during the breeding season. Occurrence information is based on data collected using automated recording units (ARUs) and can be viewed here.

    Vascular plant species with wetland occurrence information can be identified using a wetland filter option on the vascular plant species search page.

    Stay tuned...
    We are working on adding species habitat association information for amphibians over the next few months along with habitat associations for mammals based on camera trap data.

  • Species-level Data Now Includes 2017 DataSeptember 22, 2019

    ABMI's species profiles found in the Biodiversity Browser has been updated to include 2017 data, including updates to: species occurrence maps, habitat association graphs, sector effects, and predicted relative abundance maps. Two additions to species profiles are: 

    • new presentation of results showing the impacts of human footprint on species—or the sector analysis—which shows:
      1) under footprint effects i.e. how a species relative abundance is predicted to change in each sector's footprint compared to the habitat it replaces, and
      2) regional effects i.e. predicted change in total relative abundance across the region due to each sector's footprint.
    • wetland status indicators for those vascular plants species that are associated with wetlands, including occurrence data collected using our wetland protocols.

    Species modeling results can be found in the Data Download section of the website under the category "Species-level Data Sets".

  • Remote Camera Mammal Data OnlineApril 8, 2019

    The ABMI monitors mid- to large-sized mammals using remote cameras deployed at terrestrial and wetland sites across Alberta. These data are used to measure habitat use, distribution, and current status of mammals, as well as monitor changes in mammal populations regionally and provincially over time.  Access this data here.

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Many thanks to the organizations and institutions that contributed information to the ABMI, supporting analyses and results found in the ABMI Data & Analytics Portal.

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