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Dr. Jahan Kariyeva

“I am proud to be part of the ABMI’s unique culture and true commitment to monitoring the health of Alberta's biodiversity and state of its landscapes to support responsible stewardship of the environment in our province." 

Jahan Kariyeva manages the ABMI’s Geospatial Centre. Jahan is an an environmental geographer whose work has taken her to diverse ecosystems across the globe including the deserts and steppes of Central Asia, mountains and drylands of the southwestern United States, and the Canadian prairie and boreal ecosystems.

For the past few years, the focus of her research has been human-environment interactions and how environmental planning practices and management decisions affect ecosystem goods and services, as well as how ecosystems respond to the cumulative impacts of land-use and climate change. Her doctoral research examined how ecological and socio-economic contexts, including climate change and the collapse of the Soviet Union, affected local- to regional-scale land use decisions and land cover responses in Central Asia.

Jahan holds a Ph.D. in Geography and Spatial Analysis from the University of Arizona, USA, an M.Sc. in Environmental Policy and Planning from the University of Ohio, USA, and a B.Sc. in Environmental Geography from the Turkmen State University, Turkmenistan.

Jahan brings her knowledge and experience of the interaction of human activity and ecosystem processes to the ABMI Geospatial Centre, the mandate of which is to better understand the effect of complex and tightly integrated anthropogenic and natural systems on ecological processes at various spatial and temporal scales.

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