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Dr. David Roberts

I joined the ABMI in 2022 as Co-Director of the Science Centre. I come to the ABMI largely from the technical science world, with terrestrial ecological research experience in habitat modelling, climate change, environmental monitoring, and cumulative effects. My dedication to transparent, open, and accessible science helped focus my scientific work on methods development, particularly related to model validation and other components of reliable error reporting and uncertainty.

My time in both academics and government, as well as within the energy industry in Alberta provides an important breadth of perspective and has taught me the value of collaboration, teamwork, and supportive leadership. As a born-and-raised Albertan who grew up exploring this province’s diverse natural landscapes (and who now subjects his own kids to long days trudging through the wilds), I feel a strong sense of place here and this connection drives my dedication to the conservation of Alberta’s biodiversity. I am a registered Professional Statistician (P.Stat.), I hold a Ph.D. in Forest Ecology from the University of Alberta, and I hold two B.A.s from the University of Calgary.

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