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Colin Twitchell

“I find bringing together all of the pieces required to deliver a province-wide field program with the breadth of the ABMI very rewarding. I am fortunate to have a dedicated, hard working team of people around me that consistently deliver a high quality data product, one that forms the basis of the Institute’s species level dataset.”

Since 2007, Colin has served as Director of the ABMI’s Monitoring Centre. In this role, he manages the Institute’s field data collection activities. As of 2014, over 900 terrestrial and wetland biodiversity surveys have been completed at sites across Alberta, from the Canadian Shield in the extreme north-east of the province to the grasslands in the south. In addition, the ABMI has collected data on mammal abundance through winter snow tracking along 10 km transects at almost 700 sites province-wide.

Colin has a strong background in field-based research and monitoring projects through his work for InnoTech Alberta, an ABMI partner organization, over the past 19 years – previously as a Senior Research Technologist and more recently as a Senior Business Partner.

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