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Corrina Copp

Corrina Copp has been with the ABMI since 2015 and in her role as the Information Director, Corrina Copp will lead and support the ABMI’s Quality Assurance Program, Online Reporting and Data Analytic Tools, and WildTrax.

Previously, as the Information Coordinator in the Information Centre, Corrina was heavily involved with the ABMI’s field data quality assurance program, ensuring field data was of high quality and accessible by the public. She also led the release of the ABMI wide Quality Management Plan to support the ABMI’s Quality Assurance Program. She was also involved in the development of WildTrax, project managing the implementation of new features and functionalities to support user needs. Before that, Corrina was a Rare Vascular Plant and Wetland field technician with the Monitoring Centre. Her involvement from the implementation of field protocol and data collection to the release and use of ABMI data in public products provides her with a strong understanding of the ABMI. Corrina completed her M.Sc. in Conservation and Restoration Ecology as Memorial University, NL and continues to participate in local group initiatives and with Recovery Team members on the work she completed in 2015. 

Corrina lives in Edmonton with her family. She enjoys being a mom, and spending time exploring the vast wilderness and landscapes of Alberta and Canada with her family.

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