Governance & Funding

The ABMI is a not-for-profit, non-regulatory, arms-length Institute that uses a federated and distributed service model, delivered jointly by the University of Alberta, and InnoTech Alberta


As a non-profit, legal entity registered under the Alberta Societies Act, the ABMI has a distinct and independent corporate identity with a transparent governance structure. The ABMI is member based and currently has 13 members who appoint a Board of Directors to oversee and lead the operations. The Board recruits an Executive Director. In addition, the External International Science Committee and the Corporate Auditor report directly to the Board.

ABMI Members

Board of Directors

The ABMI Board is currently comprised of nine individuals representing a range of stakeholder groups, including the Government of Alberta, University of Alberta, InnoTech Alberta, forestry sector, energy sector, agricultural sector, and environmental non-government organizations, plus Directors at Large. The Board of Directors has a fiduciary responsibility to serve the objects of the ABMI and has the authority and responsibility for strategic management of the business of the Institute.

The primary responsibilities of the Board include representing the collective interests of the stakeholders and maintaining effective relationships with them, directing and supervising strategic management and enhanced corporate performance, protecting and enhancing the organization’s assets, fulfilling fiduciary and legal requirements and appointing and providing direction to the Executive Director of the organization.

The Board meets quarterly, based on a set schedule that supports decisions related to the ABMI’s operational and financial management cycle.

International Science Advisory Committee

As part of the ABMI’s commitment to scientific excellence, an independent Science Advisory Committee was struck in November 2008. The International Committee was formed to provide external third party review and recommendations on strategic science decisions as they relate to the operating principles endorsed by the Institute’s organizational members.

The International Science Advisory Committee has confirmed that the ABMI is an exceptional program, not just in Alberta but anywhere in the world, and is a program that Alberta should be very proud of.

Corporate Auditor

The ABMI uses Coyle & Company as its corporate auditor for annual audits and financial statements.

Executive Director

The Executive Director is accountable to the Board of Directors for the operational performance of the ABMI. Each year annual operating plans are prepared and the Executive Director’s performance is reviewed.


A variety of funders have been invaluable in supporting the ABMI’s important work, including government, the energy and forestry sectors, and other granting agencies. Our number one long-term priority remains secure funding for the ongoing growth and maintenance of the program at full capacity.

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