Executive Message

Jim Herbers

Taking care of our natural environment is enormously important. Our environment provides clean water, clean air, and habitat for wildlife and biodiversity. Strong environmental stewardship is the foundation for healthy communities and our economy.

Here at the ABMI, we work hard to create science that directly contributes to strong stewardship—our work is practical and hands-on. We look to make products and services that are easily accessible and contribute to the information needs of Albertans, ranging from government planners and industrial developers to local communities. Ultimately, science is strongest when we work together while seeking innovative and efficient solutions.

Our most recent strategic plan (2020-2023) emphasises five priorities:

1. Monitoring Alberta’s Landscapes and Biodiversity
2. Science Innovation
3. Working Collaboratively
4. Knowledge Translation and Engagement
5. Organizational Excellence

Throughout, our strategic plan emphasises the importance of relationship building in environmental monitoring. We see growing opportunity to integrate efforts with other monitoring agencies to achieve more effective environmental outcomes.

I hope that we can achieve a greater sense of community as we collectively work to improve our understanding and appreciation of wildlife and biodiversity.

I look forward to working with you in the future.

Jim Herbers,
Executive Director

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