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Bob Demulder

Regional Vice President, Nature Conservancy Canada

Bob Demulder has over 35 years' experience working in the resource management sectors of Western Canada helping governments and industry improve their environmental performance and standards. After receiving his degree in forest ecology from the University of Alberta in 1985, Bob held various government resource management positions in the department of Environment as well as Forestry Lands & Wildlife including the role of Minister's Assistant.

After leaving government, Bob spent several years as an executive with the Alberta Forest Products Association. In 2002, he headed up a new Integrated Landscape Management Program (ILM) under the Alberta Chamber of Resources. ILM was the first program of its kind designed to proactively address the cumulative effects and environmental impacts of resource development on Alberta's public lands.

In 2008, Bob joined the Nature Conservancy of Canada as the Alberta Regional Vice President. This role has allowed him to continue to pursue his lifelong interest in conservation and nature and has also provided the opportunity to give back in a way that produces a meaningful and tangible legacy. NCC's mandate promotes conservation through non advocacy and business-like approaches. This is an area in which Bob thrives. He serves on a number of related and relevant boards and looks forward to future challenges related to the role NCC and the conservation community will play in dealing with emerging ecological offset concepts.

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