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Species-level Data Now Includes 2017 Data


Data for 2017 has now been added to ABMI's species-level data.

ABMI's species profiles found in the Biodiversity Browser now includes 2017 data, with updates to: species occurrence maps, habitat association graphs, sector effects, and predicted relative abundance maps.

The two additions to species profiles are: 

  • new presentation of results showing the impacts of human footprint on species—or the sector analysis—which shows:
    1) under footprint effects i.e. how a species relative abundance is predicted to change in each sector's footprint compared to the habitat it replaces, and
    2) regional effects i.e. predicted change in total relative abundance across the region due to each sector's footprint.
  • wetland status indicators for those vascular plants species that are associated with wetlands, including occurrence data collected using our wetland protocols.

Species modeling results can be found in the Data Download section of the website under the category "Species-level Data Sets".


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