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It's Our Nature to Know Webinar Series: Episode 8 - The Human Footprint Inventory


DATE:February 23, 2022
TIME:12:00 - 13:00 MDT

A discussion of ABMI's Human Footprint Inventory.

In the eighth episode of our webinar series, ABMI GIS Coordinator Branko Hricko discusses the ABMI's Human Footprint Inventory (HFI).

The HFI provides an unique view into current and historical landscape modifications by human activities in Alberta. This inventory contains landscape modifications created back in 1950s up to the year 2019, cataloging them into different categories, based on the type of the human activity that required the landscape conversion. The human footprint inventory allows to analyze the historical trends of landscape modification and consequently it supports land-use decisions in Alberta.

Data Discover is a mapping tool that allows users to see public data depicting where units have been deployed, and what data exists. Users can filter by sensor type, project, and species of interest to attain publicly available datasets of interest, while data owners can compare their private and/or public datasets with publicly available datasets. Join us to learn how you can make the most out of this interactive tool!

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The ABMI is pleased to present the “It’s Our Nature to Know” webinar series. From taxonomic discoveries and geospatial research to tools and platforms that bring the data to lifejoin us monthly to learn more about the many facets of the ABMI. Each month a different ABMI staff member (from across our delivery partners at the Universtiy of Alberta, the Royal Alberta Museum, and Innotech Alberta) will explain how and why we monitor the different aspects of Alberta landscape and biodiversity (across multiple species groups) that we do, and how the data we collect helps to inform land-use decision-making. 

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