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Projected Responses of North American Grassland Songbirds to Climate Change and Habitat Availability at their Northern Range Limits in Alberta, Canada

Nixon AE, Fisher RJ, Stralberg D, Bayne EM, Farr DR VIEW

Understanding the potential interactions between the impacts of climate change on the future distributions of grasslands songbirds and the availabilty...


Moving Beyond Bioclimatic Envelope Models: Integrating Upland Forest and Peatland Processes to Predict Ecosystem Transitions Under Climate Change in the Western

Schneider RR, Devito K, Kettridge N, Bayne E VIEW

A review of the various processes that will mediate ecological responses to projected climate change in the western Canadian boreal forest. The authors...


Are American Pikas (Ochontona princeps) in the Canadian Rockies Vulnerable to Climate Change?


The American Pika is vulnerable to climate change as a result of its dependence on cool, moist conditions. However, most research on climate determinants...


Ferruginous Hawks (Buteo regalis) alter parental behaviours in response to approaching storms

Laux CM, Nordell CJ, Fisher RJ, Ng JW, Wellicome TI, Bayne EM VIEW

Using detailed observations of Ferruginous Hawk nesting behaviours, the authors demonstrate that adult female Ferruginous Hawks spend increasing amounts...


Gains and Losses of Plant Species and Phylogenetic Diversity for a Northern High-Latitude Region

Zhang J, Nielsen SE, Stolar J, Chen Y, Thuiller W VIEW

As species shift their distributions in response to climate change, there will be consequences for both species diversity and evolutionary diversity across...


Extreme Precipitation Reduces Reproductive Output of an Endangered Raptor

Fisher RJ, Wellicome TI, Bayne EM, Poulin RG, Todd LD, Ford AT VIEW

The authors demonstrate that extreme rainfall during the breeding season reduced reproductive success of Burrowing Owls. Large-scale habitat management...


Conservation of future boreal forest bird communities considering lags in vegetation response to climate change: a modified refugia approach

Stralberg D, Bayne EM, Cumming SG, Solymos P, Song SJ, Schmiegelow FKA VIEW

Species and ecosystems may not be able to keep up with the rapid pace of climate change projected for the next century. This paper explores how limitations...


Adapting monitoring to more effectively assess the impacts of climate change on Alberta's biodiversity

Bayne EM, Stralberg D, Nixon A DOWNLOAD

Biodiversity monitoring is essential to support climate change adaptation. High-quality, long-term monitoring data can provide a warning system for detecting...


Preliminary scenarios of climate-driven changes in boreal forest vegetation and bird populations in Alberta considering topo-edaphic constraints and future disturbances

Stralberg D, Bayne EM, Solymos P, Robinne F, Wang X, Parisien M-A DOWNLOAD

This progress report describes ongoing research examining the risks of climate change to boreal songbirds, by considering how climate change is likely...


Understanding and Responding to the Effects of Climate Change on Alberta's Biodiversity

Nixon A, Shank CC, Farr D FLIPBOOK

This final synthesis report from the ABMI's Biodiversity Management and Climate Change Adaptation project provides a comprehensive overview of the project,...


Modelling interactive effects of invasive earthworms and wildfire on forest floor carbon storage in the boreal forest

Cameron EK, Shaw CH, Bayne EM, Kurtz, WA, Kull SJ VIEW

In forest ecosystems, earthworms and wildfire are two ecological agents that cause carbon (C) stored in the forest floor to be transferred to the atmosphere...


Reserve Design Under Climate Change From Land Facets Back to Ecosystems Representation

Schneider RR, Bayne EM VIEW

Ecosystem distribution are expected to shift as a result of climate change. This paper examines the consequences of climate change impacts on ecosystem...


Bird community composition along elevation and latitudinal gradients in Alberta's mixedwood forest: analogues for our future climate?

Bayne E, Stralberg D DOWNLOAD

Progress report describing elevational and latitudinal patterns in bird community composition in Alberta's hill systems. These analyses are based on field...


Climate change and the provision of ecosystem services in Alberta: an initial assessment of impacts and adaptation strategies on Alberta's rangelands

Nixon A, Iravani M, Habib T, White SR DOWNLOAD

Using a carbon dynamics model for Alberta's rangelands, this study examined the potential impacts of climate change on forage production and soil carbon...


Projected responses of Alberta grassland songbird to climate change

Nixon A, Fisher RJ, Stralberg D, Bayne EM DOWNLOAD

Projected changes in distribution for 15 Alberta grassland songbirds in response to climate change to the end of century.

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