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Monitoring Hydro Temporal Variability in Alberta, Canada with Multi-Temporal Sentinel-1 SAR Data

DeLancey ER, Kariyeva J, Cranston J, Brisco B VIEW

This journal article presents a method to track temporal variability in surface water extent in Alberta. The method uses open source synthetic aperture...


Google Earth Engine, Open-Access Satellite Data, and Machine Learning in Support of Large-Area Probabilistic Wetland Mapping

Hird JN, DeLancey ER, McDermid GJ, Kariyeva J VIEW

This journal article discusses a workflow for predicting the occurrence of wetlands on the landscape at a regional scale using Earth-observation data and...


Recommendations for Acoustic Recognizer Performance Assessment with Application to Five Common Automated Signal Recognition Programs

Knight E, Hannah K, Foley G, Scott C, Bringham RM, Bayne E VIEW

Literature review to summarize the performance of automated acoustic recognition technology. The lessons learned from the literature review were then applied...


Autonomous Recording Units in Avian Ecological Research: Current Use and Future Applications

Shonfield J and Bayne E VIEW

This paper summarizes the benefits and drawbacks for the use of Autonomous Recording Units (ARUs). It outlines how ARUs allow researchers to store a permanent...


Experimentally derived detection distances from audio recordings and human observers enable integrated analysis of point count data

Yip D, Leston L, Bayne E, Solymos P, and Grover A VIEW

The study compares the detection distances between human listeners and autonomous recording units (ARUs). The study noted that humans generally could detect...


Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Monitoring Recovery of Forest Vegetation on Petroleum Well Sites

Hird J, Montaghi A, McDermid G, Kariyeva J, Moorman BJ, Nielsen S, and McIntosh ACS VIEW

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or ‘drones’, as they are commonly referred to, offer an exciting new approach to local data collection that shows potential...


Alternate Metrics of Animal Resource Selection Provide Opposing Inference

Serrouya R, Kellner A, Pavan G, Lewis DW , DeMars CA & McLellan BN VIEW

Understanding how valued species interact with their environment is necessary for wise conservation action, but quantifying habitat use can be difficult....


Regional Mapping of Vegetation Structure for Biodiversity Monitoring Using Airborne Lidar Data

Guo X, Coops NC, Tompalski P, Nielsen SE, Bater CW, and Stadt JJ VIEW

Vegetation structure has been identified as an important indicator in assessing biodiversity in forested landscapes. To assess forest structure at a regional...


Sound attenuation in forest and roadside environments: Implications for avian point-count surveys

Yip D, Bayne E, Sólymos P, Campbell J, and Proppe D VIEW

This study examined the transmission of sound in forest habitats and along forestry roads to calculate the detection radius for various bird species. In...


Impacts of land-use management on ecosystem services and biodiversity: an agent-based modelling approach

Habib TJ, Heckbert S, Wilson JJ, Vandenbroeck AJK, Cranston J & Farr DR VIEW

Publication detailing ABMI's ecosystem services modelling system to assess and map water purification, forest timber production and carbon storage, crop...


Impacts of land-use management on ecosystem services and biodiversity: an agent-based modelling approach. Appendix 1: Model Documentation

Habib TJ, Heckbert S, Wilson JJ, Vandenbroeck AJK, Cranston J & Farr DR DOWNLOAD

Detailed ecosystem services model documentation including data requirements, variable names & descriptions, and model sub-processes.


Comparing Population Growth Rates Between Census and Recruitment-Mortality Models

Serrouya R, Gilberta S , McLellan BN, Heard DC, Seip DR, & Boutin S VIEW

Using woodland caribou data, this study compared estimates of population change based on vital rate models and on aerial censuses, to evaluate their accuracy...


Projected Responses of North American Grassland Songbirds to Climate Change and Habitat Availability at their Northern Range Limits in Alberta, Canada

Nixon AE, Fisher RJ, Stralberg D, Bayne EM, Farr DR VIEW

Understanding the potential interactions between the impacts of climate change on the future distributions of grasslands songbirds and the availabilty...


Boreal bird abundance estimates within different energy sector disturbances vary with point count radius

Bayne E, Leston L, Mahon CL, Sólymos P, Machtans C, Lankau H, Ball JR, Van Wilgenburg SL, Cumming SG, Fontaine T, Schmiegelow FKA, and Song SJ VIEW

The study examined the response of boreal birds to forest structure and composition change caused by energy-sector disturbances (i.e. seismic lines, wellpads,...

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