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Explore our detailed analysis of species-level response to human footprint and vegetation types.

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Species, Habitat & Footprint Data at your Fingertips

With the accumulation of species, habitat, and human footprint data at the ABMI in recent years, data interpretation and product innovation have emerged as key activities of ABMI scientists. One of the outcomes of these activities is the ABMI species website.

The ABMI species website provides detailed information for a wide variety of species, including:

  • ABMI occurrence records in the province
  • Species habitat associations in three regions of the province:  boreal (including Canadian shield), foothills and south (parkland+grassland)
  • Species response to several categories of human footprint
  • Province-wide species distribution maps predicting current relative abundance at the quarter-section scale and reference abundance if human footprint was removed from the landscape

The ABMI species website is a precursor to the ABMI Biodiversity Browser that is currently in development. 

View the website at

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