Land Access

Surveying Alberta's biodiversity on your land.

The ABMI surveys 1656 randomly selected sites across Alberta, spaced approximately 20 km apart.

At each ABMI site, both land and wetland surveys are conducted. Sites are re-visited once every five years.

When the ABMI data is released, the site location is described as a large circle, 11km in diameter (approximately one township). The exact location of terrestrial and wetland sites within the circle are kept confidential, and are not released with the data.

The ABMI surveys all land types in Alberta including:

  • public
  • private and leased
  • First Nations and Metis
  • protected areas
  • agricultural
  • forestry
  • energy and mining
  • urban, rural, residential and recreational

Surveying all land types in Alberta allows us to identify the relationships between human land use and biodiversity. It also gives us an accurate reflection of Alberta’s changing biodiversity and landscapes.

Land Access

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