Land Access

Surveying Alberta's biodiversity on your land.

The ABMI keeps exact site locations strictly confidential.

  • Maintaining site location and landowner confidentiality is essential to the ABMI’s monitoring work. Trustworthy and open relationships with landowners are created to ensure the ABMI will be able to return to sites to measure changes.
  • Instead of releasing exact site locations, ABMI data is associated with a general area we refer to as public sites. This means that sites locations are represented by a circle measuring 11 km in diameter (approximately 1 township).  Public sites allow data users to associate information with a general area (to ensure the data is useful), without giving away the exact location.

Maintaining Trust

  • The ABMI never releases exact site locations or landowner information
  • The ABMI is not a management agency, nor do we make management decisions
  • Species, habitat and human land use data available on our website is associated with public site locations

Land Access

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