Historical Orthophotos

Covering the entire province of Alberta, this dataset contains georeferenced orthophoto maps consisting of aerial photography mainly from 1949 to 1951. It also contains some maps containing photos from 1961 to 1963.

Documenting History

Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation provided the original orthophoto maps; each of the original maps covers a 1:50,000 NTS sheet at a scale of 1:63,360. In 2008, the former Alberta Research Council (now Innotech Alberta) scanned most of the maps in collaboration with the University of Alberta Map Library. Working in collaboration with the Government of Alberta, the ABMI located and scanned the last 20 missing tiles in 2015. Scanning was done on an HP Designject 820 mfp scanner at a resolution of 1,000 DPI. The georeferencing was implemented by the ABMI using 2.5-m panchromatic SPOT imagery for 2012. The output resolution is at 1.22 m.

Historical Orthophotos of Alberta (circa 1950–60)

Circa 1950–1960 Historical Ortho Imagery Version 1.0 – Metadata (1.2 MB) Circa 1950–1960 Historical Ortho Imagery – use FTP below Updated May 15, 2015


FTP Server: ftp.public.abmi.ca
Username: data|anonymous (no password required)
Path: /GISData/HistoricalOrthophotos

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