Wall-to-Wall Human Footprint Inventory

The ABMI Wall-to-Wall Human Footprint Inventory (scale 1:15,000) is a detailed and thorough representation of provincial-scale anthropogenic footprint (e.g., agriculture, forestry, energy) information for the province of Alberta.

Understanding Relationships

This comprehensive layer (updated every two years) includes human footprint information related to the energy, forestry, and agriculture industries, as well as urban development. The ABMI’s human footprint information is core to understanding relationships between human land use, habitat, and species abundance. These data are used to support policy development, regional planning, and cumulative effects management decisions.

Year 2007

Metadata (150 KB) Human Footprint Data Layers, merged version – use FTP below (1.9 GB) Human Footprint Data Layers, tiled version (1.9 GB) Human Footprint Data Layers, Land-use Framework Regions – use FTP below (1.97 GB) Updated 2009


FTP Server: ftp.public.abmi.ca
Username: data|anonymous (no password required)
Path: /GISData/HumanFootprint/

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