Reporting & Information Specialist

Posted Date: May 4, 2018
Application Deadline: May 29, 2018

Status: Closed

Position Description

Working in the ABMI's Information Centre, the Reporting and Information Specialist is responsible for supporting the Reporting & Analytics Coordinator and Information Coordinator. They will have an active role updating the Data & Analytics Portal (, updating the content and data packages for Custom Online Reports, creating publicly accessible standardized operating procedures, and participating in annual data quality control activities. Strong writing skills, communication skills and an attention to detail are required for this position to ensure data quality standards are maintained. A basic understanding of ArcGIS is also an asset.

Specific tasks and responsibilities will include:

  1. Assists with Quality Assurance & Quality Control Activities

Supports the Information Coordinator in conducting data quality control throughout the ABMI’s data management cycle.


    1. Supports the implementation of data quality control tasks on ABMI field data.
    2. Supports the maintenance of metadata documentation for ABMI field data.
    3. Coordinates and supports independent data systems audits as required.
    4. Coordinates and supports an annual/biennial data management workshop/conference.
    5. Updates and maintains the quality management citation library.
  1. Supports Remote Camera data management

Implements quality control procedures associated with the remote camera data cycle.


    1. Provides support managing remote camera data.
    2. Provides support implementing remote camera training protocols.
    3. Provides support implementing remote camera quality control activities.
    4. Provides support managing other ABMI environmental sensor data as required.
  1. Supports dissemination of QA/QC documents

Facilitates public access to the ABMI’s quality assurance documentation including standard operating procedures, methodologies, policies, etc.


    1. Create template for public ABMI quality management documentation.
    2. Provide support to create and manage public data quality assurance and control documentation.
  1. Supports online updates of Data & Analytics Portal

Supports the Reporting and Analytics Coordinator updating content, creating data packages, and QAQC of new information in the DA Portal.


    1. Create data packages for public download.
    2. Update content associated with new data analyses (e.g. methods, limitations)
    3. Support QAQC of new content, data products (e.g. graphs, maps), and associated links.
    4. Support the addition of new content added to the DA portal.
    5. Reviews and update species profile content in Biodiversity Browser.
    6. Help create Standard Operating Procedures outlining steps required to update data and content in the DA portal.
  1. Support updates of online reports

Supports the Reporting and Analytics Coordinator summarizing data and updating data packages and content contained in ABMI online reports.


    1. Responsible for summarizing data, updating data packages, and creating maps associated with ABMI online reports.
    2. Responsible for updating online report content.
    3. Support the production of new online reports and/or new content in existing reports.
    4. Help create Standard Operating Procedures outlining steps required to update data and content in online reports.
    5. Assist stakeholder requests for information as required.


  • 4-year Bachelor’s degree in Biological Science or a related discipline, or an equivalent combination of education and work experience will be considered.
  • Experience with ArcGIS, and creating maps
  • Experience working with large data sets
  • Experience with quality management activities
  • Demonstrated writing and communication skills
  • Experience with Adobe Suite an asset
  • Has experience working in a team environment
  • Has an eagerness and willingness to learn

Duration: 1 year contract, 40 hours/week, with a possibility for extension.

Compensation: $25.62-$30.36/hour based on experience.

To apply, please send your resume to

Closing date: May 29, 2018.

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